Thursday, 1 September 2011

"Antique Vignettes"....

.....from the past


18th Century lime stone urn on an early 19th Century marble top side table

Pair of 20th Century concrete planters and a collection of 19th metal candle sticks

Late 18th Century 'Armoire a deux corps' in burr walnut

Pair of metal flower candelabras, ca. 1900, on a mid-18th console table

Pair of early 20th Century stone benches.....and.....

18th Century cast iron door knocker

Collection of iron pieces on a late 19th Century garden table


Pair of 19th Century 'Medici' urns

Pair of cast iron garden urns, Napoleon III., ca 1860, in front of a Louis XVI. mirror, ca 1780
on a late 18th Century bleached oak chest of drawers


Directoire door, ca. 1790-1800
Early 20th Century bronze statue

18th Century wooden panel

Pair of metal flower arrangements in cast iron vases
19th Century

'Happy Thursday'


  1. OH MY WORD! What a beautiful heavenly post..why is everything that is old so much more beautiful!!!! So happy to be back in blogland;)

  2. Liebe Karin,
    was für schöne, herrliche Stücke!

    So eine Steinbank würde meinem Garten gut stehen!

    Liebe Grüße!

  3. wonderful items. i love the old benches and urns.....=) eye candy!

  4. Dear Karin, Beautiful post. Love every single item you have chosen. All that is left is now for you to pack it all up and send it to me. Please!

  5. Gina I knew that you would like the urns and others, but all sold over the last few years.
    So, it safes me schlepping and packing and you some Dollars/Euros!

  6. These are some real stuff, I am so excited to see real stuff. Most days we see painted up used furniture that people are calling French. Thanks for sharing such wonderful things. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  7. That was amazing as I am an urn addict and those are simply gorgeous!!! Phew am taking another look and dreaming out loud!


  8. I couldn't think of a more perfect visual journey - everything I love - wow adore adore adore :)

  9. We will take it all! Oh my, we are gushing over all of these beautiful pieces. Thanks for sharing!
    Angela and Renee

  10. Amazing pieces.
    How fun to be able to have these gorgeous items with you, if only for brief moments. It's similar to Pieter's flowers. I am spoiled by their beauty, but it is fleeting as we only see them for a little while. But what a little while it is!

  11. I would be so happy to have any and every one of these pieces! Your post is making me think of the Battersea antique fair coming up later this month - how I wish you were still exhibiting there - I could pop over for coffee and a chat, to admire your things! A nice dream ...

  12. Hello my dear,

    These piece of antiques are stunning, I take everything, beautiful blogspot...


  13. have made my Friday very happy!
    Julie x

  14. I am speechless! You have just shown us such extraordinary beauty. Truly, it takes my breath away. Thank you for nurturing our senses.