Monday, 15 August 2011

A few snap shoots....

...of August colors at La Pouyette

Trumpet flowers at the back of the house

cool - cool....

Literally over night and with a short spell of rain - first figs.....4 weeks !!! earlier than usual.

 Peaches and Apricots

Grapes are already ripe... August instead of September !


 Hydrangeas are fading away....


 The winter apples refuse to develop any further because of the drought...

...also this variety, the most juicy apples I can think of...
Unfortunately they all just fall of the trees...., good for decoration...

 ...with the 18th century still life as a perfect background


On the other hand...
 the Anemone Japonica.....

 ....keeps on flowering while normally off by now.

As well as the....

 slightly darker colored trumpet flower at the front of the house.

Truly a very strange year!


And the sun keeps shining...
another glorious sunset....


Memories of my childhood and a 'must' in every old fashion country garden:
the Zinnias which are also my favorite summer flowers.

Rather modest...but their color palette is just amazing.

Picked up this bunch....

...while taking photos for a future post of my friend's wonderful Chateau garden

So simple and so pleasing.


Bonne semaine a tous!


  1. Oh my what a yummy post! love the peaches in the urn and the trumpet vine. Japanes Anemones is a firm favourite of mine as well!


  2. A delightful cheerful post for a Monday. Thank you for radiating my day with colour.


  3. What a beautiful post! Love it all and the grandmother would bring us a bouquet of them a week from her gorgeous garden. Great memories! I am going to paint the glass pedestal and grapes. It is perfect for my paintings, with your permission!
    XOXO, Chris

  4. Thank you Christine!
    Interestingly, when I arranged the glass tazza (you call it pedestal) I thought about you and your beautiful still lifes. My Great Grandfather who was a glass blower and designer made this lovely piece and 'we' would be honored to see it on one of your paintings. Please kindly let me know when finished.

  5. Wow, we have so many favorites to pick from…Hydrangees are our favorites. We love fresh bouquets from the outdoors!

    Thank you for the dreamy images!

    Have a wonderful week.

    Renee and Angela

  6. The photo with the grapes and leaves on a plate is so beautiful. The light on the objects - it's like a master painting. Simply gorgeous.

  7. You get my vote for the most beautiful blog today!

  8. Karin, do you have a bad season there? Your flowers and fruit look fabulous, I could eat my way through your garden. I have a trumpet vine it's nine years old and has never flowered...WHY? Love your pictures!

  9. Oh, I just love your trumpet flower. How beautiful! And zinnias are one of my favorites from childhood. My mom and grandma both grew them.
    Thanks for all the gorgeous photos!

  10. Dear karin,

    how lovely your garden looks like - even during the dry summer season.

    all my love


  11. Hi Karin, I have been busy, doing the promotion thing with Facebook...As always your photos and insights are phenomenal....