Saturday, 27 August 2011

Chiner... Hunting....

In Provence - South of France

with Karen from 'Pas grand-chose'   here

I really do recommend that you visit her blog
because of her very interesting and wonderful traveling reportages
throughout Europe, South Africa and...and....and...

'Brocante-ing' in the Provence

in Isle-sur-la Sorgue

'catching the atmosphere'


In the USA
with Laura  here 

I very much like her 'snap shoots' and the feeling and love for...

...interesting objects, creating arrangements... still lifes.

And a real pleasure for me...
...just for a change... see...

... American pieces!


"A summer visit to Country Road Antiques".....

with  'Blooming Rose Musings'   here


En tour with...

Martin, Trinidad and Johan

from 'Atelier de Campagne'  here



'more schlepping'

'packing and loading'

'signed - sealed - and happy'

Arrived safely....
(image by Trish from Trouvais)

...and displayed for the Container sale

(image by Trish from Trouvais)

"The art of brocante-gathering" .....

...and creating the look
by Johan

(image by Trish from Trouvais)


Should you intend to go to a brocante or antique show over the weekend -

image by Trish from  Trouvais

To all blogger friends
my apologies for being so much behind with commenting on so many posts.
As things are calming down here I hope to read all and catch-up during the next week.


We pray for everybody living in New York and the East coast
and hope that this terrible hurricane 'Irene' will be as 'kind' as possible.
 God is with you all.


  1. I'm headed to France in two weeks and what I want to know is, How am I going to get any of this good stuff home to Texas?

  2. Hello Karin! Thank you so much for including us in your blog. We are elated to see this, but will be even more elated when we meet you in person one day! Much gratitude for what you have done for us, your counsel, your support, and ultimately your honest and generous friendship!


  3. Karin, is this complete heaven? I would be over-joyed to visit a place like this. The hurricane blessing is so nice. For once, Texas & Florida are not worried. Sending love.....

  4. just gorgeous! my mouth is watering!! that table setting with the chandelier - gorgeous!!!

  5. Wow so much pretty here, I would go nuts!! What fun...thanks for sharing, saw many things I would have had my eye on if I was there :) Thanks for your prayers, so hoping this will not be as bad as they are predicting...fingers crossed!!

  6. HI Karin!
    Great picturs of Brocante hunting......I love the curvy French Chair!!!!!!!Something for everyone!!!!Maryanne xo

  7. Karin,
    Have had a lot going on at home with family and finally sat down this afternoon and caught up with your blog....beautiful posts as usual....I have been drooling over all the textiles and grain sacks I see in all the photos...just gorgeous pictures, as always, wonderful subject matter. You have many talents dear friend...ever think of putting together a magazine? Hope to talk when things slow down. Hugs to you!

  8. I need to get off this mountain and go antiquing! Talk about all the eye candy love it! You are so sweet to have emailed, thank you, and while still getting hammered by the storm we’re holding our own. As long as the electricity stays on I get a day to play in blogs so not all things are bad when it comes to hurricanes….lol. HUGS!

  9. Bonjour Karin! I love all that you shared...especially the arrangement of objets from 52 Flea. And of course, my very favorite is the Provence


  10. Karin, I've just returned from a few days in Scotland to find this lovely post - you are so kind to have included my blog here, so many thanks! And I've just had fun exploring the other links too.
    I do hope that after such a busy time you are finally getting some relaxation and can enjoy the last weeks of summer. I so appreciate your support and friendship and always love visiting your blog. Karen xo

  11. What a lovely post. Thank you so much for including my visit to Country Roads Antiques. You have such a beautiful blog and it is an honor to be included. I recently spent a little time with Trinidad and we spoke about what a lovely blog you have and what a very nice person you are.
    I was also absent from posting and commenting for a while because I had knee surgery. It's good to be back.
    Yes, our prayers have been with those on the east coast.
    PS. Caught up on your last post too and was intrigued and loved the brocante.