Monday, 2 December 2013

"BY Invitation Only" - December.....

CHRISTMAS - Cocktails

This month's post - a kind of dilemma for me...
just being a little bit too busy,
busy with heavy restoration at and in the house,
with dying and selling linen/hemp;
and on top of it in the middle 
of preparation for a short trip to Germany next week,
 to escape for a few days....

... running out with time....


...and find myself left with an empty/unfilled "to-do-post/shopping list"

So - sorry, sorry - no time for any Pre-Christmas Cocktails.

But I like to lead all my dear readers to our BIO group
to participate...

With my very best wishes for a
jolly and enchanting virtual





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  1. What an excellent thing to do for us, Karin. So well-mannered and thoughtful. Instead of not participating at all you chose this route and I commend you, my dear friend. I love smooth jazz so much, especially all the instrumentals of Christmas music, which I have placed on my blog just this afternoon. Have a lovely holiday in Germany, continue on with the work at LaPouyette and keep us all posted on your whereabouts. Sending love....

  2. I know what you mean Karin... :) xv

  3. A busy time of year...and a brilliant idea karin...cheers!
    Enjoy your trip to Germany for a bit of relaxation, hopefully :) xx

  4. You still manage to do a beautiful post, even when you don't have time Karin !! It really is such a busy time of year but your post is wonderful as always and, I shall enjoy a cocktail while I listen to some jazz.
    Have a wonderful trip ….. Germany is a great place to be, especially around Christmas time.
    Lots of love and don't work too hard { make time for a cocktail or two !! } XXXX

  5. Cheers to getting everything done! And to pace yourself and enjoy your trip to Germany!


  6. I know your cocktail party would be welcoming, interesting and full of the joy of the season and I can just imagine your wonderful classical music echoing through the house. Karin, have a wonderful time in Germany.


  7. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas Karin, I hope you get to relax and unwind a little and enjoy your time in Germany. Sending warm wishes, big hugs and wishing you a wonderful Christmas. xx Coty

  8. Cheers to you!
    Stop a little…. breath a little…Enjoy the holidays xx

  9. A happy holiday to you, and some peace and quiet, eventually:).

  10. I knew that you would have great music for this post Karin and I was right! :) You always do. I agree with Marsha, you did this in your own graceful way. Enjoy your trip home.
    Gros Bisous!!!

  11. Happy Holiday! Hope you find the time to enjoy the season. Your blog header is so beautiful!

  12. Dear Karin! Thank you for the lovely comment! Cheers to you and all the sparkling memories that comes with the holidays!!!

    Sending love


  13. Hey this has me laughing Karin because we all know what it is like to have life so crazy busy that it is (almost!) overwhelming. Sounds like you will be in need of a cocktail or two before Christmas Day comes around….wishing you the most beautiful Christmas, with hopefully a few quiet moments to enjoy the magic of the day. Virginia

  14. Have a wonderful trip, Karin!! Hope it will be relaxing and fabulous. Enjoy this season. Cheers, L

  15. Utile e simpatica la lista per un Cocktail Party; ma i tuoi lini sono bellissimi e potevamo brindare sopra uno di essi! Buon Natale e Buone feste a te e famiglia da Roma!