Monday, 5 August 2013

It's summertime.....

....and the weather is high!

In fact - after nearly 6 months of a "green painted winter" -
we have since beginning of July a  


With temperatures between - most the time -
of minimum 30 degrees Celsius ( 86 Fahrenheit)
up to 48 degrees ( nearly 120 Fahrenheit!!!)!!!!!!!
And this for the last 5 weeks, nearly non-stop!

Only one or two nights with heavy, but really heavy, thunder storms, 
electricity cuts and the usual damage in the garden, around the pool etc.....

No need for any further comment or complain.  
No need to tell you in length the sweating...phhhp...
the kind of daily watering which is required....and....and.


  Now - looking "at the bright side"
which means cool spots and snap shots....

Lavender and 
olive shrubs or little trees (all - finally - survived two hard winters!)
creating a bit of a southern atmosphere around the pool. 



 Herbal border with different kind of lavender, rosemary, thyme,
yellow flowering curry plant - Helichrysum italicum, 
wine and...and...
giving a beautiful aromatic fragrance/scent (??).

- I really do have my problems with the English language :-( - 


In the garden....

Surprise - Surprise!

So happy to see this Poppy back in our garden, 
 disappeared for 20 years, 


and now - suddenly - like 'out of the blue'
here it grows again amongst the Japanese Anemones. 

Papaver somniferum - Opium poppy

a wild variety... 

....with lovely silvery leaves....


 ...and "cool" pink flowers

Just simply love it!


Anemone Japonica

"Es summt und brummt"...'s humming and buzzing everywhere....


salmon-colored Dahlias 


just one of some rare fresh mornings....

...with my lovely Acanthus


another morning - 
looked like promising some rain...

....but all clouds moved away during the day... sky again...

...and it went hotter and hotter during the day.


 "A little exterior transformation":

Trumpet flower - Campsis radicans





...still no rain in sight,
back to blue sky and...

watering while our holiday guests are out,

 File:Saint-Sulpice-de-Roumagnac village.JPG

out on a day-tour to 'explore' the Périgordian country side.


So, enough time for clearing or cleaning the terrace, the house...

...maintaining the pool...

and taking the chance for a few more snap shots...




Have you ever seen... climbing up on a palm tree????

I have not!  

Until now...

More about this of mother nature surprises
eventually in a future post....


Despite the drought and heat...

...this little rose bush, given to me last year from a friend,

...keeps flowering since May!

Her name is  BOTTICELLI 
- isn't it a lovely name?
 (Meisylpho, Rose d'orient. Yes - just for a change - I've kept the label!)

"she" changes the colors, depending on the weather!


 It's summer time...

...the weather is high... 

...and my world is "round" 

- no matter the heat!



Dear readers and blogger friends,

You certainly have noticed that I slowed down with posting,
mildly spoken.
Also with commenting to all your interesting and lovely posts,
I really feel somewhat terrible about it
and like to assure you that I still have you all in my mind.

A lot of things came up here at La Pouyette during this year,
somehow unexpected things which are demanding my full attention.
So, I'm hardly spending time in the blog world.

Let me say  
thank you,
thank you to all of you for still visiting and reading my blog! 
And for every single comment to my posts!

 Please, please, don't feel neglected or dismissed in any way,
I will take my time during the next few weeks to visit your blogs,
reading and enjoying all your posts!

For now - I'm "blogging out" for a while until September.
 I might write a short post here and there....I might not, however I feel like.

Having holiday guests since end of June, 
being involved as a member of the committee in our annual Baroque Music Festival, 
also responsible for the flower decoration in 7 churches.....
I just feel for having HOLIDAY !

Apropos the Music Festival:
I'll write/create a re-view of it sometimes in September.


Here just a short "pre-re-view" of it:
.... The twelfth anniversary Itinéraire Baroque remained
faithful to its maxims of baroque music, heritage and education.
There was again the opportunity to discover, 
next door to our traditional centres of Brantôme....

 Cercles... of my favorite church.
This year I tried to create a kind of "garden" feeling for the musicians,
and the music of course,

using my Acanthus...

..... and lots of different grasses from our garden,

some wild flowers....

together with some artificial silk ones...
and nearly 3 meter high Bamboo branches
which was quite a challenge to fix them onto the rails on each side.


 ...Verteillac and St.Astier, 
small churches of the Ribéracois, some of which have
been closed for several years for extensive restoration. 
 Vanxains with its magnificent Spanish organ,
the small Templar church of Combéranche, 


famous for its frescoes, 

Faye with its unique tympanum 



St. André-de-Double 
built in reddish sandstone 


and lost in
the mysterious forest of the Double.


Our guest musicians have reflected a little this journey through our heritage.

Some things will never change : 

 The Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra and Choir and Ton Koopman; 

here at the Sunday-closing-Concert in St. Astier

...our regulars, 
La Risonanza, Fred Jacobs, the Corelli Ensemble....

New guests this year:
Charles Daniels, Roberta Invernizzi, 
Caecilia Concert and the Cyclopes, to mention a few.
The program was similar with works from great composers
such as Bach, Haendel and Telemann but featured also
composers and compositions of 16th and 17th century Italian music.
 link to web site with full program here:

a lovely small church  
build/constructed around 1100 (early 12th century)
with the most wonderful Retable from the Louis XIV. period.

For all Baroque-Music-Lovers: 
please see my posts
from 2012:  here   and  here  and here 

also 2011:  here  and  here


 "Time to say goodbye"...
 ....only for now - or for a while...or so....

...with this lovely August-Sunset...


...together with Oskar who sends his greetings to all of you!

  Wish you all a wonderful summer!

 Until then.....



  1. What a wonderful summer post!

    Your garden with the pool and all the flowers around is absolutely lovely!

    See you in septembre!

    ♥ Franka

  2. Dear friend,
    I don't know in which language I can express myself Greek only I could really tell you how your posts are exciting, how much beauty you are sending us Karin! I'm blogging out too but I couldn't resist of telling you THANK YOU! You are surrounded from a heavenly wonderful landscape , your outdoor space is unique but I think nothing is accidental I mean that you must take a part of all this, you belong to this beauty because you are "beautiful " too.... Baroque music, I'm a fan but without particular knowledge , I can only appreciate ... Yes, I could write a long comment but you certainly understood how I was delighted . Well done with the church decoration, tu es un bijou précieux et tu excuses le fait que je me permets de te dire tout ça . Repose toi et à bientôt, on part en Allemagne du sud mais la plupart du temps en Autriche, donc rendez vous en septembre!

  3. Hooray to see Oskar looking so well! And not to worry in the least about being quiet. I think that a lot of folks are these days and plus when you give, you give enough to last for months!

    But 48°!!!??? And to think that I am whining over 36! Stay cool my friend and we will be here when you can...
    Gros Bisous,

  4. What a beautiful garden - the roses, the poppies, the acanthus - all doing so well. Your English is just fine, either word works in the sentence you wrote.
    Enjoy your blogging break - it's always nice to a see a post pop up from you, but I know that real life is what we live.

  5. A beautiful post + garden. Can't wait to see what you & Oskar blog about in Sept + I will be waiting here for you.

  6. Lovely post!

    Enjoy your blog break!


  7. Your photographs are've got talent!

  8. I've loved Koopman & the Amsterdam Baroque for decades, swimming for decades more, but I never thought I'd see them integrated so coherently and naturally in the same space. (To be honest, I never thought about it being done at all). The garden holds them together; this is triumphal, yes, but impeccably benign and generous. It gives one a good feeling for the duration of this suspension in your news.

  9. Ah what a lovely post as usual ! I love old churches they are so full of character and your flower displays are wonderful and airy ! Love to you and to Oskar for a lovely summer ...Gail x

  10. Greetings from Georgia dear Karin!!!
    It has been so long! Life has been crazy, up and down and all around - sad and happy and everything in between. I haven't blogged in a while and have been terrible about visiting other my first stop today was your blog - for a quick visit to the beautiful French countryside! I miss our "chats"! I hope you are having a relaxing summer and things have cooled off by now. We have had the rainiest summer on record in the SE USA - only about 3 or 4 days without months! We are waterlogged and moldy! :)
    Let me know how you are doing!
    Blessings Friend!

  11. Darling, this is the most amazing blog post I've ever read. You are brilliant. And, so is Oskar.