Saturday, 14 July 2012

The legendary Rolling Stones.....

....50  years of  Rock'n Roll


On 12 July 1962 
the Rolling Stones went on stage for the first time at the Marquee Club in London’s Oxford Street.
A phenomenal 50 years later, and to celebrate this milestone,
a free photographic exhibition documenting the last half-century will occupy the East Wing Galleries,
 looking back at their astounding career.

“This is our story of fifty fantastic years. 
We started out as a blues band playing the clubs 
and more recently we’ve filled the largest stadiums in the world 
with the kind of show that none of us could have imagined all those years ago.”
Mick, Keith, Charlie & Ronnie

Rolling Stones celebrate 50 years on stage

It's only rock 'n' roll, but the Rolling Stones definitely like it.
The band celebrated the 50th anniversary of its first gig at a bash in London Thursday,
and despite being well over retirement age, the Stones have no plans to quit.

"All of this has sort of brought us back together, and we'll see what comes out of it,"
said guitarist Keith Richards, who revealed that the Stones have begun
 rehearsing for new live shows that could come later this year.

It all means Jagger may need to rethink
the words he sang more than 45 years ago in "Mother's Little Helper":
 "What a drag it is getting old."

Austin , Texas, 2006


2003 in Leipzig, Germany


Angie - with the London Symphonic Orchestra, 1994


The group is marking its half-century with no letup in its productivity or rock 'n ' roll style.
At 68, Jagger is still the cool, rich frontman of the world's most successful rock band.
Now in their late 60s and early 70s, the band members celebrated the anniversary
by attending a retrospective photo exhibition at London's Somerset House.....

Congratulation  -  keep on rollin'.....!


  1. Don't get me wrong, I admire their longevity, but it's one bandwagon I could never get on - couldn't stand them in the early days, still can't stand them now. Congratulation nontheless!

  2. Great music!

    Aber die Herren sind auch ganz schön in die Jahre gekommen!

    moi aussi :-)

    ♥ Franka

  3. Hi Karin

    Thank you for the wonderful tribute and memories.

    I have always loved the Stones. I saw them in Dublin in 1965 and what a blast. I got on the stage and almost managed to steal Mick's tambourine, but he grabbed it back from me. It took years but I forgave him!

  4. I got them moves like Jagger, moves like Jagger, moves like Jagger.
    Not only did they define rock n roll, now there are hit songs written about them.
    Like Aerosmith. Steven Tyler has found a new popularity with his American Idol stint, and the band is beginning to tour again. I say "Hell Yeah"....
    Great post, Karin !!!

  5. Oh Karin, thanks so much for this fantastic tribute and for including some of my all-time favourite Stones songs. Surely the world's greatest band.
    How beautiful the young Mick is in the first video - and yet in that photo at the top of your post those lined faces still cool and captivating - ganz schön indeed!
    Thanks for a great post as always xx

  6. Oldies and goodies! Thanks for the posting - I truly don't remember a life within the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

  7. Enjoyed it, thanks Karin so much!

  8. Fun tribute to the Stones! Thanks for bringing back memories. Lisa

  9. Wonderful tribute ! Gail x