Friday, 11 November 2011

"Wallpaper Change" - Part 2

A 'stroll' through the vineyards of the "Kaiserstuhl"
on a golden November day....

The "Kaiserstuhl",
a relatively low mountain range with max. height of 556 meters above sea level,
is situated in South Baden (South West of Germany),
mainly in the Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald district,
between the Black Forest, Germany, and the Vosges mountains, France.

Within the Upper Rhine Plain / Valley
it is about 16 Km northwest of the old University city of Freiburg,
next to the eastern bank of the Rhine,
and just opposite of the Alsace in France.

The climatic situation of the "Kaiserstuhl", in some places mediterranean,
 rain-shadowed by the Vosges mountains,
is outstanding in the area.
 The warmest and most sunny region in Germany
where winters are relatively mild
and the summers warm or even hot.
Originated from loess-covered volcanic soils,
the "Kaiserstuhl" offers an ideal climatic
and geological foundation for excellent wine growing.

The "Kaiserstuhl's" name is thought to refer to King Otto III,
who held court near Sasbach on December 22, in the year 994.
Since then the whole mountain range was called "Koenigsstuhl" - the King's Chair.

In May 996 Otto III was crowned Emperor
and the King's Chair became the Emperor's Chair - the "Kaiserstuhl".


 Historical terraced vineyards are simultaneously impressive documents
of the human inclination to design,
sites for the production of high quality wines
and habitats for a rich variety of flora and fauna;

and they are one of the greatest attractions of the "Kaiserstuhl" region

Locals will proudly tell you
that the vines are some of the oldest in Europe.
They believe the vineyards originate from plants
brought across the Mediterranean from Mesopotamia in ancient bible times......

A beautiful geometrical patchwork......

Incredible - It is November
and it looks like summer!

Wine growing in this region was first cultivated by the Romans.
Nowadays, with over 4000 hectare vineyards
it has an outstanding ecological as well as economical impact.

Wines from the Kaiserstuhl,
'spoiled' by the sun like the smooth and fruity Silvaner for example,
and especially its pinot gris and pinot noir,
have reached a leading postion in Germany
and achieved an excellent reputation which has by now become international.

Time for a break and lunch... the famous Restaurant  "Schwarzer Adler" in Oberbergen,
located in the heart of the "Kaiserstuhl" and one of the best in the whole region.

The "Schwarzer Adler" is part of a family-owned wine estate.

With two excellent restaurants,
one with a Michelin star that it has retained since 1969,
and complemented by one of the world's largest cellars of over 1,800 wines,
this is an epicurean's dream situation....

The restaurant "Schwarzer Adler" is world-renowned and serves an exquisite combination
of French and Baden cuisine that has consistently merited its Michelin star for over 40 years.

We had an excellent lunch,
lamb from the region, Black Forest river trout, and...and....
the most delicious dessert:  'Apfel im Schlafrock',  Creme caramel...forest fruits...
...and for the wine:
  Oberbergener Bassgeige, Chardonnay, 2009, white
  Spaetburgunder Rotwein, 2008, red

Across the road is the second restaurant, the Winzerhaus Rebstock,
a typical Kaiserstuhl inn with a great culinary reputation.



...on the road again...

What looks like flowering rape/canola
is  'Gruenduenger' - a green manure field, 
used as a biological fertilization of the vines.

Ein schoenes Wochenende!

Best wishes for a beautiful Weekend!

I'll keep walking......


  1. Hello,

    Wow, these are great pictures and thanks to you I know a new area.

    Thanks for all your last comments, it's makes my happy :-)

    Have a good weekend too, my dear!

  2. Karin thank you so much for showing us your homeland. I honestly didn't know anything about Germany but knew about their fabulous wines. I hope you're having a wonderful visit!


  3. Dear Karin, These are spectacular photographs!
    We won't be driving through this region without stoppin next time, but will make it a point to get to know the area. Thank you for sharing with us this little known part of Germany.

  4. Hello Karin these are such stunning photos !! Enjoy your weekend !
    Gail x

  5. Hello Karin

    Thank you for taking us along on this incredible journey. The scenery is spectacular. I have not been to this area of Germany and I am so surprised - bellissimo
    Helen xx

  6. Truly beautiful. There is so much beauty in the world. Thank you for sharing.

  7. You are right Karin........this area is incredible. Germany has great beauty as well as a wonderful language.

  8. Karin! So Beautiful! Your photography is wonderful and each picture is a masterpiece! Looking forward to reviewing them again later....hope you have continued safe travels! Blessings! MP

  9. I cannot decide which photo is my favorite.
    Each is wonderful in its own way.
    You are blessed to experience it and we are lucky you share it with us!

  10. Hi. I'm a new follower from Colorado. It looks like a beautiful day, and region. There's something about cultivated lands that's so lovely. I'll have to see if my local wine shop carries wine from Kaiserstuhl.